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“Welcome to the NEW ArtByJZumo.com! 2013 has been an amazing year so far, and I’m excited to connect & share with everyone in a more dynamic way. Be sure to hit me up, and subscribe to my social networks!” – Jacob

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News & Updates

MTV’s VMA CoverGirls by JZumo Tonight with inTouch Magazine

Tonight marks a milestone in JZumo's career. InTouch Magazine will be hosting the "Icons & Idols" MTV VMA's event, with JZumo collaborating with CoverGirl for 3 LIVE paintings of CoverGirl celebrities Pink, Janelle Monae and Nervo for the "Icons and Idols" showcase event in Brooklyn, NY. Stay tuned for his hourly updates on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram: www.instagram.com/artbyjzumo Twitter: www.twitter.com/artbyjzumo Facebook: www.facebook.com/artbyjzumo  

JZumo’s Art Exhibit Opens @ The Kress Gallery – Baton Rouge, LA

"My 1st art exhibit opening was a huge success, and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! I'd like to say a special thank you to all of my family, friends, and supporters who came out on a Thursday afternoon to show me some love; meant the world to me. Also, I would like to say thank you to Chris Turner and everyone at the Kress Gallery Downtown for giving me an opportunity to showcase my artwork & creativity in a setting like this. My work will be hanging inside of the exhibit for several more weeks, so if you get an opportunity to stop by, please do so! Thanks again guys, and can't wait to show y'all the new stuff I'm working on." -JZumo Below is an article excerpt from The Advocate on JZumo's Kress Gallery Exhibit: ... for Zumo, inspiration also was found in the 1999 film The Hurricane. Denzel Washington starred as former middleweight boxing champion Rubin Carter, who was convicted for a triple homicide in a bar in Paterson, N.J. The charges were set aside after 20 years. Such celebrities as Bob Dylan and Muhammad Ali called for his release, and their images are included in Zumo’s piece titled, “The Hurricane.” This painting dominates Zumo’s exhibit, which also includes depictions of Lindsay Lohan and David Bowie. It’s “The Hurricane” that immediately captivates the viewer as it documents Carter’s story through Zumo’s pop style. Zumo has been developing this style in the past few years through his live painting experience. He earned his marketing degree in 2012 from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond but decided to forgo a career in that field to pursue art full time. So far, so good. He’s created paintings for music stars in all genres and continues to paint in live venues. “I was offered a job as an elementary school art teacher and a basketball coach,” Zumo said. “I played basketball in college. But I turned it down to work on my art full time.” - Robin Miller; Arts Writer, THE ADVOCATE  

JZumo’s Latest Case Studies

Case Study: JZumo Stuns J. Cole, Painting Presentation (7/2/2013)

After creating a gut wrenching, emotional piece of artwork immediately after the tragic death of young & upcoming hip-hop artist Lil Snupe, my presentation of this piece to Meek Mill not only touched him, but created a buzz throughout the nation. Meek sat down with me and expressed how much it meant to him and everyone who knew Snupe, especially his mother. J. Cole and his camp ended up seeing the work from Meeks postings through social media, and reached out to me. We scheduled to link up the following week after contacting me, but unfortunately weren't able to. Friday, August 2, 2013 I was fortunate enough to present one of my most meaningful pieces of art to hip hop artist J. Cole. This piece brought about a personal battle that not only seems to be apparent in J. Cole's life, but in everyones daily life whether or not you believe  - Spiritual Warfare. When I presented, it to him he was in the process of going to his club appearance knowing that he was going to receive something, but not knowing what it was (his crew was going to surprise him). The painting was wrapped for protection and for an unveil when he got there. Honestly this was all a blur but my team said this was the best any of my works have been received. From my perspective, his initial reaction being described as surprise would be a major understatement. as the piece was opened Cole stood back wide-eyed as his crew raved about it. This would be a lot to take in initially from the realistic likeness and then the punch of deepness related subtly. To best describe it his feet were stuck in the mud and he was trying to take everything in. So I took this as a good time to tell him shortly about the painting. "As an artist on I understand the struggle you go through and being in the spotlight how hard it is fulfill your responsibility the right way. I could feel and hear the struggle in the album and this is my reflection to you as a person and artist." As his manager brought the painting up to the room, Cole was still engaged and analyzing the painting and ran back to it one last time. He came to me and said "The further the painting was walked the more cold it is, man its unreal" This meant the world to me. "When you listen to the album you will notice how it goes from Hell to Heaven, depression to happiness. Im literally writing my way out of a negative place, a dark place." - J. Cole As artists, artists in the spotlight there is serious pressure involved. J. Cole speaks about how people end everything because of daily pressures, trials, and struggles. "Doesnt matter what the story is behind the pressure, pressure is pressure. Sometimes the pressure is so much we cant see all we have, dominating all our thoughts and it dominates our lives and thats when people end it." - J. Cole As I created this piece of art, I reflected on these things from my own day to day life and expectations. As a fan of Cole's music, I could hear and feel his newfound battle and struggle as if it were hitting me in the face. Immediately it struck me: man, this guy is going through something serious. Whether or not I knew exactly what it was, was irrelevant, he was struggling. This was the perfect subject matter for the piece. Our sometimes subtle, under-the-surface, daily battle between good and evil. As you all know I am a portrait artist so creating a piece with his face was the initial find. I wanted to create something for him but that only he could understand, but that we can all relate to. What I am doing is creating it in a broad since that wouldn't pin point any one moment - rather his daily ever-changing struggle. Coles face compositionally was made in silhouette realistic format with clean lines, real skin tone and a stare that could look through your soul. In the background are the visual objectifications of good and evil: an angel and demon. Not only are these easily recognizable representations of dark and light visually and expressively. What is the angel telling him? What is the demon? Are these influences coming through his music to us, or are these things happening to him? As a closing I can say this helped me recognize the influences around me and the responsibility I have through my art to expose the truth in a world full of lies. Are we as individuals living up to our responsibility? -JZumo

Case Study: JZumo LIVE Speed Painting @ Kevin Gates Concert! (7/19/2013)

On Friday, July 19th, JZumo attempted his FIRST EVER speed painting at the Kevin Gates mixtape release concert... And it was a SMASH success! JZumo hooked up with DJ CMix to create a choreographed "hype" mix to entertain the 1,000 plus attendees at The Varisty Theatre in Baton Rouge, as the onlookers cheered Zumo on as he furiously attacked the canvas to create a LIVE speed painting of Kevin Gates; a painting that ended up taking only approximately 3-4 minutes of paintbrush to canvas! We'll be releasing another post with the OFFICIAL video and dialogue from JZumo soon, but in the meantime, WATCH THIS TEASER VIDEO:  

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