Jacob Zumo is a contemporary painter & artist from the South, and an up-and-coming superstar creative with original artwork found across the globe. Jacob was born in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 7, 1988. From an early age, Jacob enjoyed the limited amount of art to which he was exposed, but was steered toward more athletic endeavors.


Jacob (JZumo) Painting LIVE at a wedding. 2013.


During his junior year of high school, he attended the prestigous Dunham High School in Baton Rouge with the main intention of preparing for a college career in basketball. Here, he crossed paths with a woman who helped expose Jacob’s inner artist. Carol Hackler, Duhnam’s art teacher, was an inspiring person who has stuck with him throughout his journey as an artist. Art class began as a break from the norm, but soon morphed into a rival of his beloved game of basketball. Painting seemed to consume all of his thoughts, and served to spike new interests in his daily life. Carol Hackler always had her door open for students to share and brainstorm through their creativity. Jacob began using this time to rid himself of stress and artisticly express himself in more positive ways. He thought and hoped maybe art had a future tied to it.


As high school came to a close, Jacob embarked on his hoop dreams. He earned himself a scholarship to Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi, and thought this was what he had worked his whole life for. At this point in his life, he was at the top of his game and nothing was stopping him. Upon attending Belhaven University, Jacob still had love for the arts and wanted to pursue it while playing basketball. Meeting with coaches and talking to advisors, both parties agreed that “he would not have time to partake in a college sporting career and their arts program, it was simply too much.” In his eyes, this was an outrage! Who had the right to tell him what he could or could not handle? Still, he agreed he had come to the university to play not paint.


Then just like that it all changed. Midway through his freshman season at Belhaven, Jacob injuredhis shoulder and ankle. He fought through these tough times, but when he returned to the court he just felt something missing. The game wasn’t the same anymore. After a year of college basketball, Jacob decided to hang it up and move back home to his family and friends. After returning to Baton Rouge, Jacob had doubts about his future. Like he had done before, he turned to God and art to relieve that stress. While attending college in the city, Mr. Zumo enrolled in a few art history classes where he was introduced to Andy Warhol and other great artists of the past. His style and approach was based on inspiration from these artists. Propelled by new found motivation and support gained through postings of his works to social media platforms, Jacob once again felt he was gaining momentum toward his goal. Except this time it wasn’t a basketball goal. Instead of a career in the game of basketball, he was now finding it more and more realistic to make a living as an artist.


Tragedy struck again. This time in the form of cancer as it began to dim the bright light, and eventually claim the life of a beautiful friend. Through this great loss, he was reminded that life is too short to fail to take full advantage of the time and talent God has so graciously granted. Therefore, from late January of 2011, he decided to fully devote himself to his love of painting. Her passing coupled with the loss of his grandfather and birth of his first nephew, served to catapult him onto the next level. Jacob transformed his old bedroom at his parents into a full-blown painting studio, where he was able to fully emerse himself in his own world void of any external distractions. Here, he remains…in the zone.


Currently, Jacob is painting in live at venues and events across the southern US being hired for commissions, hanging works in galleries/shows. You can find Jacobs artwork in homes and establishments in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and southern California, and all around the World. He graduated Southeastern Louisiana University May 2012 where he studied Marketing/Advertising. 2013 has been an amazing year for Art By JZumo, with much more to come such as an art tour involving major cities across the US with local artists and collaborations from each area.  His aspirations to one day own his own clothing line is about to launch with the opening of his online shop, and his own art gallery which will double as a men’s boutique is not far away either. For Jacob, the game has just begun.




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